Friday, August 12, 2011

Benefits of Using Blackberry Professional Software

Nowadays, BlackBerry, the smartphone manufactured and developed by Research In Motion (RIM), is widely used all over the world for business and non-business purposes. With support for wireless technology and powerful features, BlackBerry allows its users to stay in touch with others and share information. With BlackBerry, you can send or receive e-mails, browse the Web, and keep track of your schedules anytime, anywhere. These benefits are not only for personal users, they can also be used for business executives. For businesses, BlackBerry can help enhance productivity by supporting knowledge sharing. If you are a BlackBerry user and you want to maximize the performance, functionalities, and security capabilities of your smartphone especially for your business
purposes, maybe you could consider combining those packages with the BlackBerry Professional Software.
The BlackBerry Professional Software provides a mobile solution for small to medium-sized companies. There are many benefits when using BlackBerry Professional Software, including:
• You will be able to do your work virtually, anywhere and anytime you want.
• Supportive to both personal and enterprise applications.
• More advanced security system for your BlackBerry smartphone.
• Supportive to Web-based Instant Messaging.
• Simple installation and easy management. It is very easy to use, even by people with no IT background.
• Blackberry Professional Software is sized to run on an e-mail server so it will also help you to save cost because you do not need to purchase additional hardware.
• The technology used by BlackBerry Professional Software also supports various e-mail platforms like Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino.
• Includes pre-installation tools that perform technical assessment of your system before installation and informs you of any issues.
• Can provide up to 30 of your employees to get wireless access to internet, e-mail, business data, calendar, and shared contacts.
• Technical support options to suit your business. You can choose to use BlackBerry Technical Support Services or BlackBerry Incident-based Support, depending on how you run your business.
Using the BlackBerry Professional Software, you can increase productivity and efficiency. It would also help your businesses to become more cost effective and provides your company with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By using BlackBerry Professional Software, you would be able to stay more focused on developing your business instead of managing your mobile solution. You would also get a fully secured access to your e-mail, calendar, browser and many other applications installed in your BlackBerry smartphone.


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