Friday, June 17, 2011

MDaemon and I returned to BlackBerry

I left the world of BlackBerry because for me there was a "big" problem.
I had an Exchange 2007 server, very simple to synchronize with smartphones that supports Exchange ActiveSync service.
However, the problem was quite different for the BlackBerry. In fact there were even two spots:
1. Requirement to add an Exchange BES over 2. Requirement to have a BES subscription (Double the price of a ticket in Belgium BIS)
So there was no interest to add BlackBerry to our team because there were significant additional cost.
Recently, now I'm trying the solution MDaemon, it seems that the publishing company is a subsidiary of Research In Motion.
I must admit that the two spots have been removed. First, there is no need to bear the costs associated with Exchange and syncs perfectly MDaemon Calendar, Contacts and Mail with a single subscription BIS.
Enabling business is done by USB cable and via the Web server.
I'm back in the world of BlackBerry with this solution that might interest a lot of people.
I now have a BlackBerry Curve 3G, everything works perfectly under OS 6
I must say that BlackBerry is a huge effort to not be dependent on Microsoft Exchange solutions too expensive for a small team.

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